DVB-T2 Commercial Requirements and Call for Technologies released

16 April 2007

At a press conference at the NAB 2007 trade show in Las Vegas today, DVB announced the publication of two key documents relating to DVB-T2, a next generation digital terrestrial television system that is now in development.

As with all DVB standards a set of Commercial Requirements has been drawn up by the Commercial Module of the DVB Project, in a subgroup chaired by Seppo Nieminen (Digita). These Commercial Requirements were approved at last week’s meeting of the DVB Steering Board and have now been published as a DVB Bluebook.

The DVB Technical Module’s TM-T2 group, under the chairmanship of Nick Wells (BBC), will now develop a technical specification that meets the targets and objectives set down in the Commercial Requirements. As a first step a Call for Technologies has been issued, inviting interested parties to submit candidate technologies for consideration by the TM-T2 subgroup. Submissions are invited from both DVB member companies and also from non-members.

Please visit the new DVB-T2 page in the Technology section to download the documents.