DVB-T2 adopted in Mongolia

In May 2011 Mongolia adopted the DVB-T2 standard for terrestrial digital broadcasting. At the same time the standards DVB-C2 for cable and DVB-S2 where also adopted for use in the country.
Using DVB-T2, 10 new transmitter sites are planned for 2011, 90 for 2012 and 100 in 2013.
Most will use power levels of 100, 50 and 20 Watts in the 470-690 MHz bands.
Originally only 200 transmitter sites were planned but this may eventually be increased to around 360.
In December 2006 Mongolia adopted the DVB-T standard for digital terrestrial broadcasting but has changed to DVB-T2 before the main transition to digital TV gets underway.
Analogue switch of is planned for the 31st July 2014.
Source: DTV Migration in Mongolia
Item added: 29th October 2011

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