DVB-T service launched with 3 multiplexes

A new DVB-T service has been launched in Trinidad and Tobago providing technical solutions to the regions specific requirements.
The service has been tailored to be usable with the Islands NTSC receivers.
Set top boxes for DVB-T in 6MHz channels using MPEG-4, H.264. AVC decoding and outputting NTSC video have now been developed by Coship and Topfield.
In addition the audio codecs used on the service are AACv1 and AACv2.
Currently 50 services are being broadcast and this will eventually be increased to 60 services using four 6MHz multiplexes.
At present 64QAM modulation with a code rate of 5/6 is used but plans are in place to move to 7/8.
Trinidad has a population of 1.3 million people and 350,000 TV households. It is currently covered by cable with 120,000 subscribers and satellite by Direct TV with 12,000 subscribers.
The new DVB-T DTT service covers 80% of the country.
By the end of the year a second site will be operating in an SFN network configuration, to further extend coverage.
Source: Green Dot Ltd. Trinidad
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