DVB-T service launch expected at the end of 2006 using MPEG-4

The government has decided that DVB-T services will be launched in Estonia by the end of 2006.
Services will by launched by broadcast network operator Levira and provide content from Estonia’s largest radio broadcaster and its public service broadcaster, Eesti Television (ETV).
Levira has announced that it will roll-out 2 multiplexes this year while a third multiplex will be launched in 2007-2008. A fourth multiplex may be launched in 2009.
In addition, it has been decided that the MPEG-4 video compression standard will be used.
The government would like the DTT package to provide at least 15 television programme services, including the television services currently accessible on the terrestrial analogue platform. DVB-H services are also planned for provision in the future.
Analogue switch-off has been set for 20 December 2012, although it may begin in some regions as of 2010.
DTT trials have been undetaken since 2003 in the capital Tallinn. The trial current provides 3 television programme services (Euronews, BBC World and TV3+ Estonia) using the MPEG-2 video compression standard and 2 television programme services (ETV) using the MPEG-4 video compression standard.
Source: Digitag
Item added: 6th March 2006