DVB-T roll-out programme approved

The Azerbaijan Business Centre is quoted as saying that a programme for the development and introduction of DVB-T digital television broadcasting systems in the country, has been approved.
The programme is in two stages.
The first stage (2011-12) will provide at least one open DTT package (8-12 channels) in Baku, Ganja, Nakhchivan and the border areas of the country. In total this would cover 60-70% of the population.
The second stage (2013) will provide two, three or more DTT packages (each of 8-12 channels) and these would include state, public, private and regional channels.
At present there are around 30 state-run, public, private and foreign TV and radio companies broadcasting in Azerbaijan.
Coverage extends to 99.9% of the population for one channel, 99.4% for two channels, 96% for three channels and 90% for four channels.
In Baku there are currently three digital terrestrial and cable networks broadcasting about 100 channels as a pay-TV services.
Nine national TV channels, AzTV, ITV, Lider, Space, Xazar, ANS, ATV, Idman Azerbaycan and ATV INT are broadcast terrestrially and via satellite.
About 310 private and state-run (MCIT’s company Teleradio) stations of various capacities are broadcasting TV and radio programmes in the country.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 21st February 2011