DVB-T on cable system

Geneva-based cablenet Naxoo is to join a growing number of operators now using DVB-T to modulate a package of channels through its cable system reports Broadband TV News.
Switzerland only has a limited number of terrestrial channels and the cable operator is worried about competition from DTT signals soon to go live when transmitters in Salève and Gex on the French side of Lake Geneva start transmissions.
The 151,041-subscriber network is considering the launch of the DVB-T package over its cable system next year in a bid to limit losses to its 43,700 digital customers.
A final decision will be made early in 2010. Switzerland’s DTT line-up consists of just four channels, but the French system would add another 20 channels, which would be receivable across the city.
Some of the latest TV displays have an in-built DVB-C tuner, but there are a far greater number of DVB-T receivers already in the market. A similar system has been running on City Cable the Swiss city of Lausanne for the past three years.
France’s Numericable and Dutch cabler CAIW also run DVB-T modulated packages.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 14th December 2009