DVB-T Launched in Israel

4 August 2009

On August 2nd, 2009 the new IDAN Plus DVB-T service was launched in Israel.

This nationwide free-to-air service offers one multiplex with 5 channels including: IBA 1, IBA 33, Channel 2, Channel 10 and the Knesset Channel. The system offers MPEG-4 video, a 7 day EPG and HD support. Even though HD channels are not yet aired, IDAN Plus requires users to have an HD compatible set-top box to be fully future-proof. With current set-top box prices around $100, the state is planning to subsidize half of the cost of set-top boxes for certain groups of the population.

The service is aggregated by the 2nd Authority for Radio and Television and the BESEQ-managed network currently consists of 13 main transmitters. Additional secondary transmitters and gap-fillers are planned for installation soon. The existing 40 analogue broadcasting sites will be closed during the transition to digital broadcasting and analogue switch-off, which is planned for January 2011.

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