DVB-T focus on Taiwan

Taiwan selected DVB-T as the standard for digital TV broadcasting in July 2001. Soon after in June 2002, DVB-T broadcasting began in the western area of Taiwan and extended to the whole island in April 2003.
Single Frequency Networks SFN’s also became part of the broadcasting network in September 2003.
By 2004, 15 TV programs were being broadcast from 5 TV stations around the Island.
At present, to cover the whole Island, transmitters of various powers are used. In total there are four of 5kW’s output, 6 of 3.4kW’s, 2 of 400Watts and 7 of 100Watts.
Analogue switch of begins in the remote islands during 2008 and then in the eastern area of Taiwan in December 2009, with the completion of analogue switchover during December 2010.
In October 2007 it was estimated that there were 1,684 thousand receivers in homes, 293 thousand in cars and 255 thousand as attachments or as an integral part of a Personal Computer.
Source: Local correspondent
Item added: 30th October 2007