DVB supports joint project to improve DASH conformance software

A new project involving five leading industry organizations aims to improve web-based software that is used to test the technical conformance of DASH content. DASH is a standards-based solution that enables the delivery of live and on-demand TV content over the open internet via HTTP adaptive streaming.

Originally developed by the DASH Industry Forum, the conformance software has been extended over the years to cover a wide range of related specifications, including DVB-DASH. To continue this development, the five “Conformance Partners” – the DASH Industry Forum, the DVB Project, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA WAVE), the HbbTV Association, and the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) – are inviting interested parties to submit bids, on the basis of which one or more contracts may be awarded.

Project goals

The project to improve the conformance software aims to meet the following goals:

  1. Establish a project management system and formal process for the documentation, contributions and code development, testing, metrics, reporting, versioning, and releases;
  2. Develop uniform APIs to improve the development, testing, and server updates of the software;
  3. Refactor the current software to modularize and improve its performance;
  4. Repair and maintain the project (where pre-existing bugs are excluded regardless of whether they have already been reported or are reported during the course of the project); and
  5. Develop documentation of the software.

The deadline for submitting bids is 31 October 2021. The bidding process and the official Invitation to Bid can be found on the DASH-IF website.