DVB-SH trial service extended

Solaris Mobile, a joint venture between Eutelsat and SES Astra, is to expand its existing Paris Based DVB-SH trial network to cover Rennes, Nancy and their surrounding areas.
The network, launched in November 2009 to demonstrate the broadcast of TV and radio services to mobile phones, other handheld devices and cars, delivers programmes direct from satellite but uses ground based repeaters to give seamless reception even in shadow areas..
The roll-out of the network in Nancy and Rennes will enable the delivery of mobile broadcast services to people on the move according to Solaris CEO Steve Maine.
Solaris plan to launch a service across the whole of Europe in the near future.
This hybrid network became possible when the European Commission and the 27 EC member States authorised Solaris Mobile to operate services in 2 x 15 MHz blocks of S-Band spectrum across Europe in May 2009
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 30th April 2010