DVB-SH passes its test

A DVB-SH test in France by Alcatel-Lucent and SFR has shown that the terrestrial repeater part of the mainly satellite delivered mobile TV service can co-localise with and use existing 3G sites, towers and even antennas. Tests performed in the city of Pau both outside and inside buildings, validated several fundamental assumptions on the performances of a DVB-SH network, notably the coverage, continuity and quality of service.The tests also confirm that only some of the 3G+ sites need be equipped with DVB-SH repeaters to allow Mobile TV coverage inside buildings identical to the 3G+ coverage. According to Alcatel-Lucent, this validates the economical efficiency of the deployment of a DVB-SH terrestrial network for Mobile TV broadcast with a very high coverage quality.
Main source: advanced-television.com
Item added: 22nd January 2008