DVB-SH demonstrated by ICO and Alcatel Lucent at CES2009

ICO Global Communications and Alcatel Lucent have been demonstrating the delivery of Video and Interactive services to mobile terminals using a DVB-SH integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Network at the CES show in Las Vegas.
The demonstration marks the beginning of ICO trials in the USA using the DVB-SH standard which uses signals delivered directly from satellite backed up by a terrestrial network.
Unlike many new mobile TV schemes ICO can provide full US coverage from their recently launched high power S-Band satellite, ICO G1.
The mobile demonstrations during CES will feature several vehicles in a range of configurations, which showcase the ICO satellite-terrestrial network. The mobile video demonstrations include eight channels of national news, entertainment and children’s content delivered to 7 to 10 inch video screens, highlighting the advantages of mobile video delivered to larger screens with high quality picture resolution.
One of the demonstration vehicles is equipped with Delphi Corporation’s innovative ‘dual-view’ screen plus Mobile DTV capability for receiving local broadcast content.
The dual view screen introduces entertainment viewing to front seat passengers without compromising driver safety by allowing only the passenger to watch mobile television while the driver can access navigation, communication and command functions. The Mobile DTV receiver allows passengers a choice of local mobile television content and ICO’s national offerings. Another vehicle features a portable device, developed by Archos Corporation, which highlights the potential for portable mobile video devices by delivering mobile TV to portable entertainment receivers in the car.
Source: ICO press release
Item added: 12th January 2009