DVB-SH available in Barcelona

Major players who have joined forces to form the ‘DVB-SH ecosystem’ are demonstrating live mobile TV using DVB-SH in S-Band at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this February.
The signals will be received on Sagem handsets, which incorporate DiBcom’s new DVB-SH receiver prototypes. The S-band signal will be made available throughout the exhibition grounds via a terrestrial repeater network using the technologies necessary for deployment of the new standard. The network will carry approximately eight TV programmes.
In Europe an S-band, 2.2 GHz DVB-SH (satellite to handheld/terrestrial service) is planned for launch in Q1 2009, by a joint venture formed by Eutelsat and SES Astra.
The first DVB-SH operation, which is planned for the USA, will also be in S-Band following a successful launch of the ICO Global Communications satellite, ICO G1, in March 2008.
Main source: advanced-television.com
Item added: 11th February 2008