DVB Seminar in Thailand

August 11 2010

On August 18 and 19 the DVB Project and the National Telecommunications Commission of Thailand will host a 2-day seminar on broadcasting technologies in Bangkok.

The seminar will cover the transition from analog to digital TV in Thailand and will demonstrate how DVB-T and DVB-T2 can offer affordable and technically advanced solutions for the complete Thai broadcast industry and public. The seminar will look at the various digital terrestrial television standards and will look at how a decision for a standard impacts the whole broadcast chain. To paint this complete picture, there will be speakers from the NTC, DVB, digital switch-over consultants, network planning consultants, university professors, and makers of middle-ware, broadcast equipment, chip-sets, set-top boxes and consumer electronics.

The seminar will conclude on the second day with a panel discussion, which should hopefully help Thailand make a strong decision for putting Thailand on the digital map very soon!

NTC website

The draft program can be downloaded here.