DVB Scene 60: DVB-I in Germany and Italy, Native IP implementers, and more

You can now download the latest issue of DVB Scene, with articles on the kick-off of DVB-I trials in Germany and Italy, the business opportunities opened up by DVB Native IP, the addition of AVS3 to the DVB video coding toolbox, and the promise of object-based media. There’s also a look back at DVB World 2022 and a look forward to what the metaverse might mean for DVB.

Elsewhere in issue 60, DVB’s Chair Peter MacAvock outlines some of the changes that are under way following the recent Listening Project, whose findings can be divided into two main areas:

“[…] one focused on reaching out to the internet-only media companies, reliant on their own vertical solutions loosely based on industry standards, to bring them to our table. And the second focused on getting DVB’s own house in order.”

What does getting DVB’s “house in order” entail? Read more on page 5.

Finally, one of DVB’s first honorary fellows, Ulrich Reimers, writes about the latest addition to that illustrious group. His tribute to Alberto Morello, on page 19, also serves as a brief history of DVB’s highly successful standards for satellite broadcasting.

“Could anybody have doubts that Alberto Morello, and to some extent the whole Rai CRITS, more than deserves honorary fellowship of DVB?”

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