DVB Scene 59: DVB-I, native IP delivery, the metaverse, and more

You can now download the March 2022 issue of DVB Scene.

In the latest issue of DVB Scene magazine, discover how DVB-I eases the transition to truly converged media delivery, learn about the new DVB Native IP Broadcasting specification and find out why there will be a need for open standards in the metaverse.

On DVB-I, William Cooper discusses the question of service lists and the thorny issue of who should manage them; Gordon Maynard and Ranjeet Kaur explain why the success of DVB-I will rely on interop testing; Juha Joki introduces the new reference CSR (central service list registry) for DVB-I; and Emily Dubs explains how DVB-I enables an optimised hybrid delivery paradigm.

There are also articles on VVC, the latest addition to the DVB coding toolbox, on how RTL is transitioning to DVB-based targeted advertising, and on a collaborative project – called NESTED – to design a universal and energy-saving television delivery chain.

Full contents

  • A word from the PCM chair – Elfed Howells (Huawei)
  • Next generation or paradigm shift? – Peter MacAvock (EBU)
  • DVB-NIP: enabling the convergence of OTT and broadcast technologies – Tom Christophory (SES) & Régis Moulin (Eutelsat)
  • New in the DVB codec toolbox: Versatile Video Coding (VVC) – Virginie Drugeon (Panasonic)
  • DVB-I: who manages the service list? – William Cooper (informitv.com)
  • Building a central service list registry – Juha Joki (Sofia Digital)
  • Putting DVB-I interoperability to the test – Gordon Maynard (OnScreen Publishing) & Ranjeet Kaur (DTG Testing)
  • How DVB’s latest generation of specifications will drive future media delivery – Emily Dubs (DVB Project)
  • RTL’s migration to targeted advertising with DVB-TA – Frank Heineberg (RTL)
  • Sustainability of media distribution at the core of DVB’s work – Christophe Burdinat (Ateme)
  • The metaverse: much more than meets the eye – Axel Nackaerts (imec)

Download DVB Scene 59 (PDF)