DVB Scene 54: DVB-I Service Layer, DVB-S2X updated, DTT in Kenya

You can now download the September 2019 issue of DVB Scene magazine. Along with reports on recent updates to DVB-S2X, DVB-DASH and the audiovisual coding specifications, there’s a review of HbbTV platforms across Europe and a progress report from Paul Higgs on the DVB-I Service Layer. He writes:

“The overall intent of the DVB-I activity is to provide a television-like integration and experience for services that use an internet delivery mechanism, while ensuring that the same service lists can be used with other viewing devices such as mobile phones and tablets.”

The full article is on page 6, followed by a broadcaster perspective on DVB-I from ITV’s Matt Poole.


  • Is DVB 5G ready? – Peter MacAvock on discussions within DVB to identify synergies with emerging 5G networks
  • WRC-19 and the importance of what’s NOT on the agenda – the EBU’s Elena Puigrefagut explains what is up for discussion in Sharm El-Sheikh later this year
  • Specifying the DVB-I Service Layer – with the first DVB-I specifications due in October, TM-IPI co-chair Paul Higgs provides a progress report
  • The promise of DVB-I – Matt Poole of ITV, co-chair of TM-IPI, provides a broadcaster perspective on the problems DVB-I sets out to solve
  • A rich tapestry of hybrid platforms emerges across Europe – an overview of HbbTV-based national platforms in Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK
  • How is low latency achieved in DVB-DASH – with the updated spec now approved, Simon Waller explains the techniques used to reduce the delay when streaming live content
  • DVB-S2X evolves to support beam hopping – Alberto Morello of Rai on the latest update of DVB’s satellite specifications
  • HDR Dynamic Mapping added to DVB’s UHD toolbox – Paul Szucs (Sony) sets out the potential benefits of using HDR DM
  • Is 8K a serious prospect on broadcast and broadband? – drawing on his experience of leading a DVB Study Mission on the topic, David Wood reviews the main factors that will influence when and how 8K may roll out
  • DTT in Kenya: more content, more jobs and a digital dividend – while DTT has had a slow start across most of sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya was one of the early success stories, reports Daniel Obam
  • SAT>IP: broadcasting to IP devices in the home – Thomas Wrede (SES) is president of the SAT>IP Alliance and provides this update on how the specs are evolving in DVB and in the market

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