DVB Scene 52: Low Latency DASH, HbbTV OpApp, CI Plus and more

The latest issue of DVB Scene magazine has been published. Its cover features a montage of thousands of photos from DVB’s first 25 years of activity and the centre pages present 25-word quotes from 25 different people drawn from across the DVB community. Our thanks to all who contributed!

Turning the ship

Beyond the anniversary celebrations, the magazine is packed with news and views on the latest developments in DVB and beyond. Steering Board chair, Peter MacAvock, sets out his thoughts on the future of the organization, at a time when the number of bodies involved in technical standards has multiplied greatly.

“Although the same companies are often involved, those active in one organization may not be involved in another. Looking around DVB, I see the same faces attending our group meetings. Sometimes their companies change, but encountering new people actively contributing to our work is rare.”

At this point in its history, DVB has plenty of experience to draw upon as it looks to the future. Alongside many, many successes, there have been some standards that failed to meet expectations. Peter Siebert tells the story of one, DVB-C2, which did not see market implementation despite having closely followed DVB’s tried and tested procedures. Read why on page 14.

New technology developments

There are articles on several recent or forthcoming standards: BBC’s Chris Poole writes about work on Low Latency DASH, Neotion’s Nicolas Stefanelli introduces CI Plus Enhanced Content Protection and EBU’s Frans de Jong explains where DVB’s newest subtitling specifications fit in the overall subtitling landscape.

There’s also an update on a new specification from HbbTV that opens up the possibility of linear and on-demand services that bypass the set-top box. The Operator Application – OpApp – specification is described by Teun van der Veen (TNO) and Martin Haselhoff (KPN Telecom).

And more besides…

We’re pleased to include a report on the state of digital broadcasting in India from Sharad Sadhu, who knows more about that topic than most. And, as usual, we have invited Myra Moore of DTC to share her thoughts, this time on “moving beyond the broadcast vs broadband narrative”. 

Finally, you’ll find a selection of photos from this year’s DVB World conference, plus the latest news from the DVB Project Office, including new Members and newly published standards.

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