DVB Scene 51: a hive of activity

Twenty-five years after its creation, the DVB Project can justifiably claim to be one of the world’s most successful organisations when it comes to technology standards. With DVB’s portfolio of specifications underpinning the television industry globally, you may wonder what significant work remains to be done. The answer, if the latest issue of DVB Scene magazine is anything to go by, is: plenty!

Fertile ground

DVB’s chairman Peter MacAvock describes the organisation’s mission as “to strengthen broadcasting and specify the transition to seamless hybrid broadcast-broadband services and delivery”. In this context there is significant fertile ground for new specification-setting activities. The magazine provides updates on most of the current key work areas, with articles by those who are deeply involved in the relevant working groups.

  • Peter Barnett reports on ongoing work in CM-WiB to explore what role WiB – Wideband Re-use 1 – might play in the future of digital terrestrial television
  • Thomas Stockhammer introduces the new CM-I working group, tasked with setting Commercial Requirements for standalone TV services over IP, referred to as DVB-I.
  • Two articles look at targeted advertising: Vincent Grivet and Angelo Pettazzi provide an update on the work of the CM-TA group, while Henry Rivero and Peter Doe explain why collaboration will be crucial if a standards-based approach to TA is to succeed.
  • Ted Laverty and Elfed Howells outline some of the drivers for the growth in adoption of Next Generation Audio technologies.
  • Ludovic Noblet, as chair of the CM-VR group, provides the background to the group’s survey on VR use cases, the results of which will be presented at DVB World 2018.
  • David Wood traces the work already done in DVB on VR and explains why AR (Augmented Reality) may soon be looming large on the agenda.
  • Bertrand Wendling and Philippe Stransky-Heilkron explain why users of the DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm should be activating DVB-CSA2 as soon as possible.
  • And finally, Myra Moore reports on some of the “quiet stars” of CES 2018.

Most of the topics above are also on the agenda for DVB World 2018, with many of the authors also speaking at the event. Information and registration here.

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