DVB SB Approves Work on 3DTV and RCS2

Today, the DVB Steering Board (SB) approved two important documents for the ongoing and future work on DVB’s standards.

The SB approved the Commercial Requirements for a second 3DTV delivery system, termed ‘Service Compatible. This is required by content deliverers and enables the 2D and 3D versions of a programme to be broadcast within the same video signal, so that new 3D televisions and next-generation STBs can receive 3D programmes, while consumers with existing 2D HDTV receivers and set-top boxes can watch the 2D version.

Following the earlier approval of the first two parts of the DVB-RCS2 specifications for the second-generation DVB interactive satellite system, the third and final part of the DVB-RCS2 suite has now also been approved. It addresses the Higher Layers for Satellite Specification (HLS) starting from the IP Layer. Specifically, it addresses the use of virtual satellite networks, virtual satellite operators and network layer functions including Quality of Service, routing functions, IPv6 and various Network Interfaces.

View the full press releases here.