DVB-S2 Session at Satellite 2013

On March 20th there will be a special DVB-S2 session at the Satellite 2013 Conference in Washington D.C. and will include speakers from various DVB experts and DVB Member companies.

DVB-S2: More Flexibility and Efficiency for the Future (4:45 PM)

DVB Satellite specifications have become THE standards for the satellite industry. For the last 10 years all relevant stakeholder have relied heavily on DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS for their operations and services via satellite. However, over time requirements have changed and technology has made big progress. Following requests from the industry DVB has looked into its satellite specifications and started a wide range of activities: 

  • A second generation RCS specification has been developed. in addition to improved spectral efficiency and a wide range of new operational features the specification also covers meshed and mobile use cases. 
  • With the upcoming Carrier ID specification DVB will solve the problem of identifying the source of unintentional interference on satellite links
  • The wide band transponder addendum to the DVB-S2 specification facilitates efficient receiver implementations of the reception of signals from transponders with bandwidths above 70 MHz
  • Most relevant DVB has started to work on an upgrade of the DVB-S2 specification allowing more flexibility and improved spectral efficiency.
  • Points of discussions are the latest developments and how they will change the satellite industry plus the question around the standards needed for tomorrow’s business.

Moderator: Robert Bell, Executive Director, SSPI


  • Bruce Bennett, Program Executive Officer for Communications, DISA 
  • Gerard Faria, Executive Officer & Co-founder, Teamcast 
  • John McCoskey, Chief Technology Officer, PBS
  • Peter Siebert, Executive Director, DVB Project
  • Thomas Van den Driessche, Director of Vertical Markets, Newtec
  • Thomas Wrede, Commercial Products, Reception Systems, SES

More details on the Satellite Today website