DVB @ NAB 2012 – update

It’s NAB time! Tomorrow (Tuesday 17 April), DVB Project Office Director Peter Siebert will present ” DVB-T2-Lite: A Second Wind for Mobile TV? ” in the Mobile Video and Mobile TV session and will highlight the flexibility of DVB-T2 and its mobile capabilites.

DVB will also have a presence through 50 or so DVB member companies that are exhibiting at NAB 2012.

NAB 2012 takes place in Las Vegas from 14 to 19 April 2012.

Another DVB related topic taking place on the same day is the The Future of Broadcast Television (FoBTV) session that will provide a high level briefing on the FoBTV initiative to develop global strategies for the next generation of terrestrial television broadcasting. With DVB-T2 being the most advanced and recent DTT standard, DVB will play a pivotal role in this process. Lieven Vermaele, Technical Director of the EBU, will present the European perspective, including the role of DVB-T2.