DVB issues renewed call for declarations of IPRs potentially essential to its MHP specific

Geneva â 27th June 2006 â The DVB Project today issued a renewed call for declarations of intellectual property rights which might be essential to its MHP specification. Owners of patents, and others, are asked to declare such IPRs directly to the DVB Project office.The DVB is currently reviewing its MHP specification (ETSI TS 101 812 (MHP)) and the licensing terms offered by rights holders. The declarations submitted under this call will be important for this review.

Under this renewed call:

  • A holder of patents or other IPR which might be essential to the MHP specification may make a declaration;
  • Such a declaration may also be made by a third party with knowledge of such IPR;
  • The content of the declaration will be available to the members of the DVB Project and its modules;
  • The information from the declarations made pursuant to this call may be used within DVB in making choices among technologies for MHP.

In 2003, DVB made a first call for declarations of IPRs essential to MHP. These declarations served as a starting point for the formation of a licensing programme (âpatent poolâ) for MHP.The terms proposed by this pool for licensing essential IPR have disquieted many DVB members. The disquiet has in part prompted this renewed call for declarations.

Declarations may be made to, and further information obtained from, mhpdeclaration@dvb.org.Evaluations of initial submissions will be made on Friday, 8th September 2006.