DVB @ IBC 2013

At this year’s IBC, DVB will mark its 20th Anniversary and will celebrate with another world’s first technology demonstration. Visitors are invited to the DVB stand (1.D81) to witness the groundbreaking demo of DVB-T2 delivering a wide range of resolutions from 4K Ultra HD down to the smaller screen resolutions typically found in mobile devices. The presentation underlines the power and flexibility of this second-generation standard.

Also being highlighted are the new features provided by CI Plus v1.4, recently developed by DVB. Using DVB-T2 transmission, a 4K service utilizing HEVC encoding, and mobile service will be delivered in a single 8 MHz channel. This is enabled by DVB-T2’s featured use of Multiple PLPs (Physical Layer Pipes) that allow for the separate adjustment of the robustness of each delivered service within a channel to meet the required reception conditions. The PLP for the mobile service is compliant to the T2-Lite parameter set. In highlighting the new features of CI Plus v1.4, DVB will show this new version’s support for IPTV. In addition to a standard broadcast, a TV display will receive IPTV via its Ethernet interface. A CI Plus module will receive the IP multicast and carry out the necessary processing for Conditional Access and interactivity. It is envisaged that the new features of CI Plus v1.4 will permit the CI Plus module to provide traditional set-top box functionality.

The official IBC Conference program features a raft of DVB related sessions delivered by experts from the DVB and its membership. Conference attendees can expect to hear more on topics ranging from DVB-S2 extensions to HEVC encoding for DVB standards. The DVB stand will be tended by DVB representatives and technology experts available to answer queries and provide information on DVB’s wide ranging family of open, interoperable, market driven standards.