DVB-H update for South Africa

The major metropolitan areas of Johannesburg, Soweto, Pretoria and Cape Town are currently covered by a trial DVB-H service. The service is run by Multichoice, M-Net, MTN and Vodacom.
The technical phase of the trial began on the 1st November 2005 and was expanded on the 9th June 2006. Currently there are around 800 trial users who can view a combination of channels covering sport music entertainment news and music as well as some made for mobile content.
The transmission uses QPSK modulation, an FEC of 2/3, GI of ¼ and an MPE-FEC of 7/8, all in an 8MHz channel. The current bit rate is 4.95 Mbps. and the trial uses Samsung P910 and Nokia N96 terminals.
Source: DStv Mobile: MultiChoice South Africa
Item added: 12th October 2009