DVB-H service offer launched in Warsaw

INFO TV-FM launched its DVB-H service offer in Warsaw on the 26th September.
It will act as a wholesale operator providing a platform for multiple commercial retail operators to supply individual services. The full commercial retail service is expected to be launched in 2009/2010. The service will be expanded to nine other Polish cities by the end of 2009 and a total of 31 cities in 2011. Nationwide coverage is planned for 2015.
INFO TV-FM is a subsidiary of NFI Magna Polonia S.A. and was granted a DVB-H licence on the 26th June 2009.
The initial service uses four 0.5 kW transmitters broadcasting on Ch.37 (602 MHz) to cover Warsaw and the surrounding area.
The DVB-H service is transmitted using QPSK in the 4K mode with a guard interval of 1/8 a CR of 2/3 and an MPE-FEC of 3/4.
The service is planned to offer at least 16 TV and radio channels.
Source: INFO TV-FM
Item added: 6th October 2009