DVB-H service launch in 2007

Network operator Abertis has announced plans to launch a country-wide DVB-H services in early 2007. It is confident that a market exists for broadcasting television services to handheld receivers. Abertis, together with Telefonica and Nokia, also presented the first results of their DVB-H trial during the 3GSM World conference in Barcelona.
Five hundred users in Madrid and Barcelona participated a commercial DVB-H trial and
results showed that 55% of participants would be willing to pay for a mobile television service.  75% of users said that the would recommend the service to others.
Users spent an average of 16 minutes per day watching mobile television, mainly from their home. The most popular content was news, followed by sitcoms and music videos.
Source: Digitag and IBL News 
Item added: 20th February 2006