DVB-H positioning trial successful

Rosum Corporation has announced that it has successfully completed a DVB-H positioning trial in collaboration with National Grid Wireless.
The companies conducted the trial at National Grid Wireless’ DVB-H trial network in
Warwick, UK, and utilized DVB-H mobile TV broadcasts to locate precisely, prototype receivers in a variety of environments, including multi-storey car parks where GPS-based solutions are unavailable. The companies successfully demonstrated that the same signals used to deliver mobile TV content can be used to provide position-based services.
Rosum has developed, patented and fielded location and timing solutions harnessing the broadcast TV infrastructure that are effective where GPS is most challenged — indoors and in urban canyons. The TV infrastructure is robust, distributed, and highly correlated with population centres, cellular service and broadband penetration. Analysts project as many as 446 million mobile TV handsets will be shipped globally by 2011(1). DVB-H networks in particular, with their dense topologies, are well suited for delivery of position-based services to mobile devices.
Source: investegate.co.uk
Item added: 26th June 2008