DVB-H performs better than TV over 3G+ says study

Mobile TV services via DVB-H offer a better user experience than over 3G+ networks, according to a study by Directique for French broadcast transmission services provider TDF. During a trial of DVB-H services in the 15th district of Paris in July, 30 participants equipped with Nokia N96 handsets found that with DVB-H they experienced half as many failed connections, 25 percent less waiting time and three times faster channel zapping (5.2 seconds versus 18.7 seconds for 3G+). While viewing 5-minute videos, trial participants found that both technologies offered “perfect” sound quality in 89 percent of cases, but “perfect” image quality was reached in 85 percent of cases with DVB-H, compared to 72 percent with 3G+.
Source: Telecompaper
Item added: 14th September 2009