DVB-H Consultation opened in Oman

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has opened a public consultation on mobile television services using the DVB-H standard.
The consultation document takes the view that countries like Oman who have already adopted the DVB-T specification for DTT also tend to adopt DVB-H and on that basis it looks for views from operators, broadcasters and other interested parties to help it in the formulation of the legislation required for the introduction of mobile TV services.
Through the consultation, the TRA would like to better understand:
– who would be interested in launching DVB-H services,
– what type of business model should be adopted,
– the necessary reception level (i.e. portable indoor or outdoor) that should be provided, and,
– the number of services that should be allocated to each operator.
The consultation closes on 22 September 2008.
Source: TRA website
Item added: 27th August 2008

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