DVB experts explain DTT benefits in Turkey

The transition to DTT in Turkey has slowed down dramatically, triggering the RTÜK to invite international DVB experts to last week’s Broadcast Istanbul TV Forum & Fair in Turkey.

DVB experts Stan Baaijens (Funke), Marcello Lombardo (EBU), Georg Hollmann (Kathrein) and Peter Siebert (DVB) covered topics such as the success of DTT, the efficiency of DVB-T2, and the high audience reach in Europe and many other countries around the world. Other benefits that were highlighted included mobile reception, regional content insertion and easy end-user installation. Details on the next potential steps in Turkey are not entirely clear at this stage, but as they say in the world of DTT, “stay tuned!”.

The event  was organised by The Ministry of Culture and Tourism, RTÜK (Regulator) and RATEM (Organisation of Turkish Broadcasters (public and private and radio).

Read more coverage of the event here (in Turkish): www.arthaber.net