DVB Completes Major Refactoring Work of GEM and MHP Specifications

The DVB continues to support the GEM and the DVB-MHP Specifications with major work to align the specifications in a more cohesive, clear and organised fashion in order to better facilitate companies wishing to implement the DVB open standard middleware. The 80th Meeting of the DVB Technical Module approved the âre-factoredâ GEM and MHP specifications. The purpose of the re-factoring was to change the order of referencing between MHP and GEM, with MHP now referencing GEM instead of vice-versa.

The diagram below shows the relationships of the various GEM -related documents after the re-factoring. The green arrow between GEM and MHP signals the new order of referencing.

The two new documents have been forwarded to the Joint Technical Committee (JTC) Broadcast with a view to turning them into new ETSI Technical Specifications (TS). In addition, new Blue Books will be published.

MHP and GEM implementations have now reached over 33 Million. GEM / MHP is deployed in traditional DVB DTT networks in SD and HD through to Hybrid Broadband Broadcast Networks and in Korea as GEM -IPTV. The DVB vision for a convergent middleware specification has found the support of Broadcasters, PayTV Operators and the IPTV Hybrid Telcos across the globe.

You can download the new GEM and MHP Blue Books here:

GEM Blue Book

MHP Blue Book