Dutch telco KPN to acquire Nozema Services

Dutch telco KPN and the Dutch government have reportedly reached an agreement in which KPN will be cleared to acquire all shares in broadcast transmission company Nozema Services for €75m.
With the acquisition of Nozema, KPN expects to roll out its nationwide digital TV service earlier than planned, with roll-out now planned for completion by late 2006.
Through the acquisition KPN also acquires Nozema’s 40 per cent stake in Digitenne, doubling KPN’s own 40 per cent stake. KPN currently has over 100,000 digital TV customers through a Digitenne package; with the acquisition, KPN obtains Digitenne’s additional 60,000 customers. These 160,000 subscribers reportedly make up around 2 per cent of the Dutch TV market.
Source: DM Europe
Item added: 16th December 2005