Dual use STB launched for Freeview NZ

Hyundai have launched a new STB for New Zealand’s Freeview services capable of receiving both satellite and terrestrial broadcasts.
The AH-3110 model can receive HD broadcasts from both services and also has the ability to record with the aid of an external USB connected hard drive.
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The box also has time-shift, live pause features and full EPG support.
Freeview channels are only available on one or other of the platforms, such as Chinese TV 8 and TV Central only on the UHF service and Stratos, CUE and Te Reo only on the satellite service. The box can also receive the 30+ free-to-air channels available on the Optus D2 satellite.
The box costs NZ$579.
Source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 16th December 2008