DTV reception remains an issue with stations and OTA viewers alike

The transition from Analogue Terrestrial TV Broadcasting to Digital TV using the US ATSC system is not without problems especially from multi-path in the urban canyons as many stated before the transition, according to a recent article in Broadcast engineering.
It goes on to say that “For some broadcast stations and many over-the-air television viewers, the critics were right about DTV. Reception would work well, or not at all. And to pick up some signals, viewers would have to install expensive outdoor antennas.”
However the FCC continues to say that there are few problems “The FCC says there are only a “limited number” of DTV-related reception issues, but that is little solace to the broadcasters and their viewers experiencing a seemingly random series of big and little problems throughout the United States.”
These “little problems” are detailed in more depth in the full article:
One very unhappy consumer is quoted as saying that ““The government whitewashed its advertisement, fooled the public and wasted millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on a nearly useless program,” Castagna wrote. “Because the public was sold a bill of goods, most people now have to use paid TV service for dependable reception. Technologically, the DTV box is flawed, and Congress should be held accountable.”
Source: BroadcastEngineering
Item added: 7th September 2009