DTT update

Digital Terrestrial Television using DVB-T was introduced in the country in 2009 and DVB-H has also been on trial in Tehran since 2009.
At his time 32 DVB-T transmitters are being installed in Iran covering 36% of the population with two multiplexes which will contain 16 DTT channels coded using MPEG-4, H.264.AVC and 10 radio channels. The current plan is to increase the number of High Power DTT transmitters to 75. This will cover 70% of the population. There will also be 500 medium power sites and 6000 low power sites to convert.
The Second International Conference of New Broadcasting: Opportunities and Challenges 2012 (BOC2012) will be held in Tehran, Iran, from the 16-18 January 2012. It will focus on the theme of Digital Television Broadcasting in Analogue to Digital Transition
Source: IRIB
Item added: 19th December 2011