DTT Trials Start

A four-channel DTT trial operated by the Slovak Telecom a subsidiary of Rádiokomunikácie has begun in Bratislava according to Advanced-Television.com.
Rádiokomunikácie is 51% owned by Deutsche Telekom and has licences to undertake DTT trials in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica-Zvolen, while a company named Telecom Corp. is permitted to do so in Kosice-Presov.
Slovak Telecom undertook its first DTT trials in Bratislava during 1999 and the government approved a detail strategy for the implementation of DTT two years later. The analogue switch off date in Slovakia has been set for 2012, though it still remains unclear when a full service will make its debut.
Source: Advanced-Television Central and Eastern Europe
Item added: 29th November 2005