DTT trial successful

On.net reports that its DTT trial, covering the capital Skopje, is proving to be very successful.
The trial, currently using MPEG-2, provides potential coverage to 160,000 households. Shortly MPEG-4 AVC coding will be tested to increase the spectrum efficiency.
On.net, 87% owned by Telekom Slovenije since March 2006 plans to offer 50 TV programmes, 50 radio programmes and datacast including a 7-day EPG on four DVB-T multiplexes to all territories of Macedonia.
On.net has a temporary DVB-T trial licence issued by AEC (Agency for Electronic Communication) but owing to the success of the present trial it has entered into collaboration with Policy makers, Regulatory bodies and the Content industry to start a pilot project to enable the possibility of developing clear and appropriate national strategies for analogue switch off (ASO) in the Republic of Macedonia.
The pilot project could be the catalyst that would enable the ASO/DTT implementation date to be brought forward to 2008, 7 years earlier than the current 2015 plan.
Source: Predrag Cemerikic, CEO On.net Macedonia.
Item added: 21st June 2007