DTT trial adds Setanta channel

Setanta Ireland and Setanta Golf have been added to the digital terrestrial television pilot currently underway in Ireland, bringing the number of DTT TV channels available to 29.
Tony Killeen the communications minister said that although the EU had requested that Member states complete the transition from analogue to digital TV broadcasting by 2012 he expected the development of digital TV in Ireland to take place much quicker.
“I expect the development of a national public service and commercial deployment of digital terrestrial TV services in mid 2008, to ensure that Ireland doesn’t get left behind in the coming broadcasting revolution” he said, according to a report on Broadband TV News.
The trial, which is taking place in the Dublin area, started in August 2006 and is planned to run until August 2008.
Currently the channel breakdown is one in HD, 12 in SD and 12 radio channels.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 14th August 2007