DTT timetable for Hong Kong

Hong Kong is to adopt the same DTT system as mainland China and the HK government has defined the planned introduction of terrestrial as well as other means of digital delivery on its website.
Digital TV is being offered by all pay TV operators in Hong Kong via cable, satellite and broadband network.
As for terrestrial TV, the Government announced in July 2004 the implementation framework for digital terrestrial TV (DTT).
The existing two terrestrial TV broadcasters, Asia Television Limited (ATV) and Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) are required to launch DTT by 2007 and achieve at least 75% of coverage in 2008.
Subject to further market and technical studies, the Government aims to switch off analogue broadcasting in 2012.
Further details can be found on the following web link.
Source: digitaltv.gov.hk
Item added: 1st May 2007