DTT the most widely used platform in Italy

In Italy DTT is watched by 64% of the population making it the most widely used platform. DTH/satellite is used by 17% and analogue by 18.7%. (A study by Studio Frasi based on Nielsen TAM data)
DTT penetration had risen to 84.7% by the end of July 2011 according to market research published by E-Res.
The number of Italian households with at least one DTT receiver in the principal residence rose to about 21 million up by 900,000 units compared with number three months ago. In the last year DTT households have increased by 4 million. Overall, the number of digital boxes in Italian homes reached 36.5 million, a penetration of 74.6% of total TV sets.
The cumulative number of DTT receivers sold in Italy since February 2004 has now reached 52.5 million. Of these, 23.5 million are integrated (44.8% of total) and the remaining 29 million (55.2%) are external.
The study by Studio Frasi based on Nielsen TAM data also reveals that 81.3% of Italians watch TV distributed via digital platforms, representing an annual growth of 27%.
Source: Advanced Television
Item added: 10th October 2011