DTT tender specifications published

ANACOM, the Romanian regulatory authority has announced the details of the DTT licence tender for the country’s first two multiplexes, reports Broadband TV News. The release includes the minimum technical requirements that the bidder must fulfil in order to participate in the contest, the minimum requirements needed if they succeed in their bid and the dates by which the offers must be received.
Offers for both multiplexes must be received by the 31st August. The winner of the first multiplex will be announced on the 28th September and the winner of the second on the 8th October.
The actual selection procedure will take place in three phases: qualification, bid evaluation and award, with appeals initially allowed within three days of notification of the result.
ANACOM has also reserved the right to delay both announcement dates if it has more information to process than expected or if any appeals are lodged.
Source: Broadband TV News
Item added: 5th July 2010