DTT system decision expected in the run up to the October election

Negotiations and discussions are continuing between Brazil, Japan, Europe and the USA over the best system choice to be used for Digital Television in Brazil.
The decision has moved a long way from being purely a technical choice and now seems to revolve around incoming investment, charges for Intellectual Property Rights and help with the training and deployment of a new system in Brazil.
Both the Japanese and DVB systems provide HDTV, SDTV and mobile television. Both systems also use similar technologies and it remains to be seen whether the Japanese system can be delivered without the payment of IPR fees being necessary to the many worldwide companies who’s technologies are being used within it.
Recently a memorandum of understanding on DTT was signed by Brazil and Japan which may lead to the selection of ISDB-T if further negotiations on forward investment can be reached.
However it was stated by Brazilian representatives that the memorandum of understanding does not mean that the ISDB-T system has been chosen but it will be a useful piece of additional support for Japan.
The memorandum described involvement by Japan in developing Brazil’s electronics industry and also the training of Brazilian engineers to operate the system according recent news reports.
A decision is expected to be announced during the run up to the October elections.
Sources: IBL news, Monsters and Critics, Dow Jones and @LIS Weekly Market Watch.
Item added: 18th April 2006