DTT strategic plan to be revised for French speaking community

As a result of responses to an open consultation on the arrangement of services and frequency allocations after analogue switch of, in line with the Geneva plan RRC-06, the original plan is to be revised.
Responses were received from 9 companies and broadcast organisations which have highlighted that fact that since the plan was proposed, the economic situation has completely changed and further technological advancements have occurred.
The plan from the CSA had called for the transition to DTT, to be led by RTBF, with the digital dividend frequencies released for the use of DVB-H services. ASO was to have been completed by the 30th November 2011.
The CSA will now go forward by gathering more opinions from all industry players likely to launch media services in the French-speaking community and/ or will be involved in the discussion on the allocation of the digital dividend.
Source: CSA website
Item added: 13th July 2009