DTT Seven Months on

Its almost seven months since the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) awarded the three commercial DTT multiplex contracts to the One Vision consortium, yet little has happened, reports the Irish Times.
OneVision is a consortium, which includes Eircom TV3, Arqiva and Setanta.
The report goes on to say that the shareholding structure between the members of the consortium is likely to change if the regulator approves the proposal at its 14th December meeting. In the proposal TV3 will reduce it’s holding to 5% and Arqiva to 25%.
OneVision hasn’t yet been established as a legal entity and RTÉ’s talked about requirement for a E20million up front deposit from them, might be because of this.
Another holding point for OneVision is whether government funding will be made available to promote analogue switch over.
Source: Irish Times
Item added: 7th December 2009