DTT services to begin in 2008

Azerbaijan plans to launch DTT services during the second half of 2008 in Baku and Ganca. This is not the first time that DVB-T has been transmitted in the country, previously in 2004 testing took place in the Baku area.
Rapid TV News reports that until recently it was TV from Russia and Turkey that dominated people’s entertainment choices as part of the 21 analogue channels available over the country. Turkey’s TRT is still on air, but the other “guest” channels ceased being carried on January 1st.
There are two Baku cable networks (B&B TV, and CaTV) with a total of some 40,000 subscribers. B&B’s offering is typical, with a maximum of 83 channels.
Azerbaijan’s National TV and Radio Council reports that there are currently 21 television channels, 11 radio stations and 12 cable TV networks, as well as three foreign radio stations and one foreign television channel (Turkey’s TRT) broadcasting in Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan, which is a former Soviet republic, has a population of 8.6 million.
Main source: Rapid TV News
Item added: 6th May 2008