DTT services to be launched by end 2006

The National Council of Ukraine for TV and Radio Broadcasting has allocated four DTT multiplex licences. It is likely that DTT services will begin at the end of 2006.
As per the terms of the licence, the multiplexes are to be used for test transmissions, lasting no more than one year, followed by the launch of commercial services. The licenses are granted for a 10 year period.
The multiplex licences have been allocated to Ukrainian Digital TV Network (UDTVN) and JSC, Era Production, Express Inform and Gamma Consulting. The service offering in each multiplex is as follows:

Channel 41 multiplex licence held by Era Production:
– Era and National TV service
– K-1
– K-2
– TRK Kyiv

Channel 43 multiplex licence held by Express Inform:
– Channel 7
– Mriya TV
– Megasport
– Channel 5

Channel 51 mulitplex licence held by UDTVN and JSC:
– Tonis
– 1+1
– Gravis

Channel 64 multiplex licence held by Gamma Consulting:
– Operator’s own service to be created
– Novy Kanal
– M1

In addition, UDTVN is planning to launch a DVB-H trial in June 2006.

Reported source: UDTVN
Direct source: Digitag
Item added: 16th May 2006