DTT sales reach 12.4 million

According to the latest report form Impulsa TDT, 12.4 million DTT receiving devices have been sold in Spain. The report goes on to say that 7.7 million people watch DTT which amounts to a 17.4% market share. More than 6 million homes now have access to DTT which is a 38.8 % average penetration. In some regions like Madrid and Catalonia DTT penetration is over 50%.
In all DTT coverage is said to reach 89.15% of the population.
Although DTT progress has been good the national DTT plan is for 1,287 towns in 36 provinces , with 5 million people,  to switch off analogue transmissions by June 2009 and more provinces making the total 15 million switching by  December 2009. The Pro DTT association Impulsa TDT has asked all involved parties to raise public awarness of the switch over so that more of the population make the switch much more quickly in order to meet the aggressive deadlines.
Source: Advanced Television.com
Item added: 13th October 2008