DTT roll-out defined by CSA

CSA, the French broadcasting regulator has announced more details of the DTT launch.
Channel numbers for the four recently licensed free to air channels where announced and they can begin broadcasting from September 1st.
The four additional pay TV channels also announced, have 6-months to start broadcasting.
CSA also restructured some of the existing multiplexes as well as deciding on 19 new transmission sites for Spring 2006 and another 24 for Autumn 2006.
These additional sites will extend DTT coverage to two thirds of the French population by Autumn 2006.
CSA also made it clear that the intention is to extend coverage of free TV channels to the whole of the population. A joint working group has been set up and its proposals on how coverage can be extended are expected by October 1st 2005.
Source: CSA
Item added: 25th July 2005