DTT progress in Slovakia

The launch of DTT moved closer in Slovakia with the news that Slovak Telecom has been awarded digital terrestrial frequencies in the capital, Bratislava.
Last year Deutsche Telekom-backed Slovak Telecom was granted frequencies in Banska Bystrica-Zvolen and Telecom Corp. in Kosice-Presov shortly after the country had passed a new electronic communications law.
Slovak Telecom’s licence in Bratislava is valid until mid-2006 and both it and Telecom Corp, are expected to begin trials shortly.
Source: Broadband TV News, Central and Eastern Europe 
(May 6th 2005) Three DTT pilot projects in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica and Zvolen, Presov and Kosice are planned to begin before the end of 2004. In fact it is reported that the transmitter in Kostice- Presov started pilot transmissions on the 25th October 2004. These projects are being jointly prepared by Slovak Telecom’s Banska Bystrica-based research institute and Slovak Telecom Office, the countries regulator.
A commercial rollout is planned  for 2005. Analogue switch off is expected in 2015.
The co-ordination of frequencies with neighbouring countries continues and when  completed the transmitters should cover the whole of Slovakia with two multiplexes and an additional multiplex introduced later for major population areas.
1st December 2004